D1.1 Project management and quality assurance plan

D10.1 Plan for communication and dissemination

D10.2 Corporate identity and logo

D1.2 Self-assessment & data management plan v1

D10.3 Project Website

D2.2 Preliminary ethics and legal framework

D10.4 Market Analysis Report v1

D3.4 Mid-term report on data collection from multiple sensors and visual content

D4.1 The aqua3S ontology and semantic reasoning support

D9.1 Policy framework and Information Management

D10.5 Brochure and Infoboard

D1.3 Mid-term review & progress report

D6.1 Social Engagement Guidelines

D10.6 Market Analysis Report v2

D10.8 Intellectual Property Report v1

D1.4 Self-assessment & data management plan v2

D10.9 Video