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aqua3S project will create strategies and methods enabling water facilities to easily integrate solutions regarding water safety through the combination of novel technologies in water safety and the standardisation of existing sensor technologies. aqua3S has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program with a total amount of €5,997,067.88. aqua3S project has a duration of three years (2019-2022).


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Exposure of citizens to potential disasters has led to vulnerable societies that require risk reduction measures. Drinking water is one of the main risk sources when its safety and security are not ensured.


aqua3S combines novel technologies in water safety and security, aiming to standardize existing sensor technologies complemented by state-of-the-art detection mechanisms. aqua3S can propose innovative solutions to water facilities and responsible authorities in order to detect and tackle water-related crises in a timely manner.

On the one hand, sensor networks are deployed in water supply networks and sources, supported by complex sensors for enhanced detection; on the other hand, sensor measurements are supported by videos from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), satellite images and social media observations from citizens that report low-quality water in their area (e.g. by colorization); introducing this way a bottom-up approach which raises social awareness and, also, promotes interactive knowledge sharing.


The proposed technical solution is designed to offer a very effective detection system, taking into account the cost of the aqua3S platform and target at a very high return-on-investment ratio.


The main strategy for the integration of aqua3S’ solution into the market is designed on the standardization of the proposed technologies and the project’s secure platform.



The main objectives of aqua3S are to:

  • Create strategies and methods in order a water facility to easily integrate solutions regarding water safety
  • Propose innovative sensor technologies to support water safety
  • Create early warning methods for water authorities
  • Create a complex collaborative system recording problems and finding new solutions
  • Allow easy engagement of different authorities in a water related crisis
  • Create/use methods estimate the infrastructure resilience level
  • Introduce bottom-up approaches such as citizen mapping initiatives, can be an effective way to build large exposure databases
  • Model and classify a crisis event

Expected results & impact


aqua3S foresees the improvement of innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge in five main areas of innovation:


Innovation in substance detection in water

aqua3S will customise and integrate a set of available sensors deployed at key points under control of the water utilities in order to cover the maximum possible number of these substances and send the relevant warning signal.

Innovation in data acquisition from UAVs and earth observation

aqua3S streams of EO data will be continuously gathered and analysed to forecast natural hazards which potentially affect the water quality or monitor their changes in a predefined area of interest.

Innovation in social media monitoring

aqua3S will gather social media data in social media public and open accounts to focus on the event and the creation of social awareness.

Innovation in algorithms for threat detection and localisation in the existing water distribution networks

The algorithm will be implemented as a software tool for anomaly detection at water distribution networks and will be integrated into the early warning system.

Innovation in crisis management modelling for enhance preparedness

Through aqua3S crisis management, modelling for each case study of the project will be implemented.

Funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union