Desalinated and treated (surface) water monitoring



Lemesos is located on the southern coast of Cyprus and has the second largest urban area of the country

As a Water Authority, WBL’s goal is to provide water of high quality at all times. Water quality is of great importance for the health of people. Water safety plays a significant role in the operation of a Water Authority. WBL is serving thousands of people and their well-being is affected by WBL’s operations. The possibility of a terrorist attack and the environmental pollution make water safety more important than ever before.


Nowadays, the technology provides us with the capability to monitor almost everything in real time and perform calculations and predictions of future events.


Therefore, it’s necessary to seek all the possibilities to build a water safety system with various sensors that shall provide people with early warnings on water quality issues.

Actions and expected results


The WBL’s main objective is to provide sufficient and good quality water, at the lowest possible price to meet the domestic and industrial needs of its consumers. Therefore, good quality water is one of the 3 key factors of the Water Board’s objective, together with safety. By achieving the proposed solution, the main objective of the Water Board is reached.

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