New synergy between aqua3S & Fiware4Water

New synergy between aqua3S & Fiware4Water

In the context of providing new and interoperable technological solutions to the fragmented water sector, aqua3S has teamed up with Fiware4Water, a fellow Horizon 2020 EU project to create a common and efficient system for monitoring water safety and security.

This synergy aims at enhancing the Fiware platform with newly added requirements provided by aqua3S and developed by Fiware4Water. The platform will be addressed to water-sector stakeholders and will be able to collect and process data not only from common sensors, but also from UAVs, satellites and social media.

Apart from the collection and the processing of such data, the platform will also be able to visualise and communicate this information to the stakeholders in order to assist them in their decision-making process regarding certain water related incidents, such as water colour or detection of a chemical substance in a water network.

The involved partners have already initiated the discussions on their next steps and arrangements. Stay tuned for more updates on this successful cooperation.

To learn more about the project Fiware4Water, please click here.