Financing the green transition: The European Green Deal Investment Plan

Financing the green transition: The European Green Deal Investment Plan

The evolution towards a healthy planet, a climate-neutral and circular economy and a novel digital world is a transition that Europe can globally lead, under a new European Green Deal. The European Green Deal intends to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent.

The European Commission disclosed its one trillion euro public and private investment plan to finance the European Green Deal on 14th January 2020.

The overall goal of the plan is to create an enabling framework for private investors and the public sector to facilitate sustainable investments and to provide support to public administrations and project promoters in identifying, structuring and executing sustainable projects.

The European Green Deal Investment Plan will mobilise EU funding and create an enabling framework to facilitate and stimulate the public and private investments needed for the transition to a climate-neutral, green, competitive and inclusive economy.


Complementing other initiatives announced under the Green Deal, the Plan is based on three dimensions:

  1. Financing: mobilising at least €1 trillion of sustainable investments over the next decade.
  2. Enabling: providing incentives to unlock and redirect public and private investment.
  3. Practical support: the Commission will provide support to public authorities and project promoters in planning, designing and executing sustainable projects.

Water will play a pivotal role in the EU Green Deal Policy areas, particularly for the Clean Energy, Sustainable Industry, Biodiversity, From Farm, to Fork and Eliminating Pollution thus heading to the realisation a Water Smart Society, as streamlined in the Water Europe Vision.