aqua3s joining the World Water Congress 2022

aqua3s joining the World Water Congress 2022

aqua3S submitted a workshop for the World Water Congress of Copenhagen together with IWA digital water programme. The IWA World Water Congress is a global event for water professionals covering the entire water cycle.

This edition of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will be held in Copenhagen on September 11-15 to engage stakeholders and key contacts within the conventional water sector and beyond.

It will bring together core water sector groups, such as those focused on urban water and urban water services, as well as participants from industry and agriculture, architects and urban planners, soil and groundwater experts and hydrologists, social scientists, the ICT sector, the financial sector, and others.

The goals of aqua3S workshop will be to give:

  1. An overview of the latest digital water innovations from the sister projects
  2. An assessment of the concrete added value obtained through their implementation by European utilities
  3. A return on experience regarding the challenges linked with their implementation: data governance, interoperability, etc.