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Although European Directive 2008/114/EC on the protection of critical infrastructures (Council of the European Union, 2008) does not designate the water supply sector as a critical infrastructure, all governments recognise that their water supply is vital to national security. Water systems are vulnerable to unintentional and intentional threats, which can include physical acts of sabotage, cyberattack on information systems or supervisory control and data acquisition systems and contamination.

In the event of  a contamination of drinking water, it is essential that the impacts of potential health risks are minimized during and after the emergency. The Water Security Plan[1] provides guidance to water utility operators on assessing the risks they face and on the factors to consider if they want to improve their detection capabilities. Guidance is also provided on the preparation of response and recovery plans in the event of a contamination event.

CEN TC 164 is following the standardization of EN 15795 “Security of drinking water supply – Guidelines for risk and crisis management” which describes the water security plan at high level while ERNCIP has produced a detailed guideline. With the help of H2020 AQUA-3S project working on standardization for Water Security, the workshop will present the status of the water security topic and look for market stakeholders’ feedbacks on the detail of the needed document to support the drafting of their water security plan and whether there is a room for a contribution to complement the EN 15795.

The workshop will also provide reflections with water stakeholders about the contribution that the standards and new technologies could provide in relation with the existing Drinking Water Directive and the future normative development that will follow the approval of the proposal of the directive about the resilience of critical entities

Attendees will be asked to give opinion on level of details of Water Security Plan and on the needs to contribute with more details to CEN EN 15795.







10:00 – 10:20


Setting the scene
– EC DG Home representative
– ERNCIP & aqua3S


10:20 – 10:45


Security of drinking water supply – Guidelines for risk and crisis management
– Peter Frenz Status of standard EN 15795
– CEN TC 391


10:45 – 11:00


Water Security Plan: A guidance towards a resilient drinking water supply against chemical and biological threats


11:00 – 11:45


Open discussion from attendees. Why we need a guideline? What are the issues? Do we need to contribute to EN15795 standard?
– Moderator from aqua3S


11:45 – 12:00


Online survey conclusions
– aqua3S

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